Licentiate in Theology (31 credits)

  • Professional Responsibility (1 credits): Required introduction to professional ethics for individuals in pastoral ministry. Included is forming healthy pastoral relationships.
  • Introduction to Theology (3 credits): A study of the meaning of theology and philosophy. Included is the place of theology in the community as well as academia.
  • Scripture (6 credits): A study of the Old and New Testaments.
  • Church History (6 credits): A study of church history from the early church to the present.
  • Basic Preaching (3 credits): A study of the biblical exegesis needed for preaching, sermon styles, and conveying an effective witness.
  • Pastoral Care (3 credits): A study of pastoral care including basic counseling and institutional chaplaincy.
  • Pastoral Theology (3 credits): An overview of the requirements of the Church about the sacraments.
  • Sacraments (3 credits): A general overview of the sacraments of the Church.
  • The Mass (3 credits): A study of the Mass and rubrical norms.


Diploma in Old Roman Catholic Studies (12 credits)

  • History of the Church of Utrecht (3 credits): A study of the history of the Ultrajectine tradition with particular use of Neale’s work “A So-Called History of the Jansenist Church of Holland.”
  • Modern Old Roman Catholic History (3 credits): From Archbishop Mathew to the present, with particular emphasis on Archbishop Carfora and the American church.
  • Old Roman Catholic Theology (3 credits): A theological survey of the Old Roman Catholic tradition.
  • Old Roman Catholic Canons (3 credits): A survey of the Canons of the Old Roman Catholic Church as well as praxis.