Saint Gabriel School of Theology is licensed as a seminary and institute of learning for the training of clergy and laity of the Society of Mercy and the Old Roman Catholic Church.

Saint Gabriel School of Theology is not an accredited institution of the Association of Theological Schools and has no future plans to seek accreditation. Smaller schools within the Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant traditions do not have accreditation because it does not affect their student’s goals. To seek accreditation would require property, an increased financial commitment from students, and other necessities that do not fit the needs of our school. Despite this lack of accreditation, our programs have been developed to challenge and stimulate learners.

Unfortunately, some non-accredited institutions have created their own accrediting bodies and other organizations to provide the illusion of accreditation. This is contrary to our institution’s ethical responsibility to inform students about the purpose and result of their study. Saint Gabriel School of Theology receives approbation from jurisdictions who recommend students as well as serious learners who research our program offerings and deem them to fit their goals.